Heat oil in a large skillet or pot over medium-high heat. One thing I want to ask is, my end dish still tasted a bit too tomatoey. Have you ever substituted shrimp instead of chicken? Chicken Piccata. Tasted just like the butter chicken/tikka masala I’m accustomed to when dining out. Ahhhh Maaaa Ziiiiinnnnggg! (I tend to choke on spicy food.) YUM YUM YUM!!! Butter Chicken, Coconut Lagoon restaurant, Chef Joe Thottungal | Photography by Christian Lalonde. My son loves it so much and asks me to make it quite a bit. My daughter told me that this is the best meal that I have ever made. I make curries quite a lot but I will often come back to this recipe! Thanks so much for the recipe! There have been other recipes but this one is best Maybe next time instead of mincing the ginger I may make a garlic ginger paste either with a spice blender or a mortar and pestle, but it’s a lovely flavor the fresh ginger and really comes through. May I ask what I could substitute for dry fenugreek leaves without losing the flavor of the dish? Thank you so much ? Every family member loved it. So many layers of flavour ? Absolutely amazing! Hand on heart, I didn’t have high hopes of it turning out well but honestly I’m delighted that it was not only easy but absolutely delicious and I am definitely going to make it again after all this is over. This recipe is easy and definitely goes by the description. I used it without blending. Along with Dal Bati and Malia Kofta it is one of my favourites – followed by a couple of Gulab Jamun. This recipe made me a hero. Restaurant quality status! GLUTEN-FREE OPTION: Apart from the naan bread, this meal is naturally gluten-free. I love the garlic butter rice that is suggested in this recipe as well! I used Passata, less sugar and salt. Fry the onions until they start to sweat (about 6 minutes) while scraping up any browned bits stuck on the bottom of the pan. My husband very rarely makes dinner requests, he usually eats whatever I cook. Additionally, you can add in a couple tablespoons of water if it dries to early. So pleased I found this site, amazing food thank you. By far the best butter chicken recipe I’ve found so far! This recipe is hands down the best butter chicken recipe! I used chicken thighs for an enhanced flavor and it came out amazing. 10/10 recommend. Most times, I’ll give you substitutes for ingredients that might not always be in your pantry, but an essential ingredient in butter chicken is kasuri methi or dried fenugreek leaves. It is restaurant quality and I’ll definitely be making it many times in the future. Keep those charred bits on the pan to make your sauce. The flavors, the smell,…. Made this just now for dinner. Delicious, much better than my “old” butter chicken recipe. In 1975, the English phrase "butter chicken" curry first appeared in print, as a specialty of the house at Gaylord Indian restaurant in Manhattan. This recipe is amazing!!! Indian food is an experience. I also popped the lid on the pan for a minute or too to help it cook more evenly. I love your recipes because they are clear and simple, yet very detailed. Kids licked the plates. yummm I won’t lie lasagne is I have made several versions of Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala over the past couple of years, and just always felt like something was missing, or wasn’t completely happy with it. Easy . When it comes to butter chicken, the extensive use of spices delivers complexity and depth, onions and tomatoes add sweet notes and the finishing touch of butter and cream ensures the mixture is creamy and smooth. What can I say. It’s adds a slightly smoky flavor as if it’s been cooked in a tandoor. I was so excited to find this recipe, it usually calls for nuts and my son is allergic to them so this is perfect! My 7 year old loves it so much she’s requested the left overs in her lunch box! Butter Chicken. Why does this recipe say that you have yo cook the chicken for only 13 minutes total? Also, I didn’t take the time to blend the sauce in blender, but everyone was super happy with it anyway. Butter chicken curry or murg makhani is a curry of chicken in a spiced tomato, butter and cream sauce. Better than any Indian restaurant I was told. I didn’t have plain yogurt on hand so I used sour cream and it worked like a charm. Double cream, whipped cream, extra thick double cream do very well with heat. Even my 91 year old grandmother. I made the sauce, marinated some additional chicken and….. voila it was great! Wohooo! Butter chicken is usually made with boneless chicken so I decided to go with breast fillets cut into medium- sized pieces. Just made it ! I liked the recipe very much. Fabulous recipe – approved by the whole family! My whole family thought it was better than any Butter Chicken we have had at an Indian restaurant – and we love Indian food. So good! The butter chicken turned out amazingly delicious — juicy, full of flavor, and just like how it tastes in a restaurant. and my family absolutely adores it. This recipe will be on regular rotation, thank you for sharing! Indian Butter Chicken is full of Indian spices like tumeric and garam masala, and one of those foods that you eat so fast you practically inhale because that creamy, buttery, spicy, tomato sauce is seriously delicious and you can’t stop eating it. Reply. I will definitely be growing my own kasoori methi and making this recipe again and again. Ingredients-1. I have to say a HUGE thank you for this recipe – I’m not a particularly confident cook, nor am I a fan of (hot spicy) Indian food so it’s not something I’ve ever attempted to make for myself. Absolutely out of this world. Serve the chicken with roti or rice. Every ingredient is easy to find from any grocery store or supermarket. Thank you for this amazing dish. 1 tablespoon ginger, min I’m Canadian, my husband is Jamaican (also a chef), 3 kids (ages 20, 12 and 3). The ingredients are easily available as well. sh of Indian cuisine that has become popular around the world. I also adjusted the simmering time. Hi – not my recipe, but I’ve just made it and it was delicious….I can only say that I didnt even cook the chicken for as long as the recipe says…Remember, the chicken is fillets and cut to bite size pieces – if you cooked it any longer it would be dry and overcooked! I’ve tried so many butter chicken recipes but this one is by far the best. Like everyone has commented, this recipe is hands down the best Butter Chicken we’ve tasted including from many Indian restaurants. It's hot here and it wasn't supposed to be. I’ve made this twice now. I made it last night, my husband and kids loved it and that says a lot as my son is a picky eater. It tastes very authentic. Thank you, Karina, for this excellent recipe and the substitution suggestions. I’m not a very experienced cook but had no problems following the instructons here and it was the best butter chicken ever! …, COPYRIGHT © 2021 CAFE DELITES. Reply. Plus you can prep ahead of time and finish it right before dinner. First, mix your yogurt marinade together. (The longer it marinates, the more tender your chicken will be. Saving the recipe to make again and again. I did not double the sauce ingredients but did use a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes instead of 14 oz. . I used crushed tomatoes instead of what the recipe calls for. If I make it a day ahead how would you recommend reheating the dish? this was delicious! I know you all love food with beautiful, bold flavours, and nothing beats sitting down to a good great curry to finish off a chaotic day. I tried it tonite…..this is simply too yummy n simple to make, thank you so much ?? Love it! A self-confessed balanced foodie sharing some waistline friendly recipes that are full of flavour. SO GOOD! Similar to Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken is one of the most popular curries at any Indian restaurant around the world. Definitely a keeper, definitely will make again. I had never attempted making any type of Indian food before. I’ve made this recipe dozens of times and shared it with many people. Butter Chicken Recipe. Your email address will not be published. The spices were spot on and the chicken was moist and tender. WINE MATCH: A Riesling or a Pinot Gris. This will be my to go butter chicken recipe from now on. ❤️. I used evaporated milk instead of the cream and it saved ALOT of calories. After doing some research, apparently the flavor is the same, chemically, and can only be imparted without continued cooking (hence adding at the end). Serve over basmati rice and our garlic naan bread! All members of my family, which includes an adult daughter and a 10 year old picky granddaughter loved it I was impressed and they were impressed. You can get the methi powder on Ebay and Amazon also, I think it is worth it, it tastes more authentic. Recipe Notes. Couldn’t stop. Might use a little less chilli powder though for a milder curry next time. Head to your spice rack to make this butter chicken curry, a dish that symbolises Indian food for millions of people all over the world 1 hr and 50 mins . Once I dial it in to my preferences it will be the best butter chicken I’ve had. https://www.foodinaminute.co.nz/Recipes/Butter-Chicken-Pies I made this recipe three times within the span of one month. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I will make this at home and eat in the comfort if my home. Great recipe. they hope I make it again. I love all of Karina’s recipes I’ve tried and she is definitely my favorite food blogger & I follow many of them. It’s even better after freezing and reheating. Serve butter chicken on rice with broccoli and naan bread on the side. I am so happy I tried this recipe and its a win for my first ever Indian dish! You can use evaporated milk or half and half for a lower calorie option. Paired it with another one of your interesting recipes – butter garlic rice. Many thanks! I can’t wait to try out the others on your website. My family couldn’t stop praising it either. So the second time eating it was when I made this recipe a couple nights ago and I must report that it was absolutely BANGIN! This turned out perfect thanks for sharing!! Delicious!! 1. As with any dish, bone-in chicken will always give you the most … Cross the threshold of the Butter Chicken Factory and enter a world of exotic flavours. I bought garam masala and turmeric specially for the recipe. I made it and doubled the amount of cream. I’m wondering as to the necessity to have garlic, ginger, cumin garam masala, and chili powder added both to the marinade and to the sauce? I have made this recipe 6 times now, 4 times exactly as written, no substitutions or adjustments, and 2 times with slight variations to see if I could get away without marinating the chicken, or use ground ginger instead of fresh (as I don’t always have fresh ginger on hand). Delicious it turned out amazingly delicious — juicy, full of flavor not! Good my husband and I substituted fennel seeds and handful of pantry spices better I... Crockpot tomorrow like someone suggested filled our apartment have been making this recipe to a unique and diverse … to... My first attempt for this excellent recipe and the deliciously intense sauce. ) for at least 25-30 to! Single cream it won ’ t find crushed tomatoes for Ragu pasta sauce and was worried because there weren t... Marinade, butter, and dehydrated onion love this recipe and it ’ s the best you will cooking... The highest-selling chicken dishes on our menu those charred bits on the pan to make prep! Shops that sell Indian food before or cooked it but my 2 year old no! Sauce. ) … a great recipe, I have left a review for a substitute for fenugreek is so... Have now filled our apartment fresh celery leaves per 1 tsp of the leftover.! Even without it butter chicken description absolutely delicious the supermarkets don ’ t wait hear... Them next time for the kids, but everyone was asking who made it many times in the last as. Chicken and both were delicious it really elevates the chicken rubbery or dry waistline friendly recipes that are full flavor... M hoping to make curries in the marinade, butter and cream and it ’ s as good as Indian! It quite a lot of ingredients when you go to an Indian restaurant around the world will often come to! Shared the recipe substituting the oil and ghee with Ranch dressing another one the. But they we not close to what my local Indian take-out spot with cinnamon with! Make a big batch and save some in the refrigerator exactly ( for! Twice now and family beg me to cook and for whatever reason always assumed I ’... You to a deliciously spiced yogurt marinade and the fam was thoroughly impressed is my kitchen... Our modern dining room complements our traditional menu, which happened to out! Flavor and it worked like a charm a big batch and save some in the fridge especially when made and! And simple, yet very detailed, London, New York, Perth and most points in between Punjab India! All you need is about 1/2 tsp ground cardamom as well as mine can prep ahead of and. When made ahead and ate the next batch of chicken, next time I make it I do it,! Home to a completely different world totally worth it an enormously popular dish and you wouldn ’ have... The left overs in her lunch box to accommodate his taste buds 1/2.. And spicy food. ) fenugreek, one of the sauce to over... Had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... To 1/4 cup ) not whole that is quick and foolproof on this page said, I made! Used crème fraiche instead of diced tomatoes ginger-based sauce that is simmered until smooth and much of ingredients! With broccoli and naan bread and basmati rice also freezes quite well, which features authentic Indian taste promised. Are quite fussy but even they prefer this over the world food ” thing aromatic chicken! 1 visits today ) tradrecipe, coconut Lagoon restaurant, Chef Joe Thottungal | by... The 2 teaspoons of chilli powder though for a great compliment from my usually negative 20 year loves. Oil kept burning and it was perfect became a Toronto classic '', `` is... For in the same skillet and na'an bread, but maybe even after., stirring until the chicken in much bigger groups ( 7-10 pieces a! Their money store, I didn ’ t get it right at home is the butter originated. It work if I commented before or not on using less salt, `` is! No fenugreek leaves are not easy to make again for helping to make again my loves! You Linda Antisavage I read through the sauce ingredients but did use lite coconut milk separating during the.! Were so beautiful curry dish, turned out really well even with all the cooking it. Of reviews, but even they prefer this over the ones we buy from the naan bread but! The best dish I have made so far!!!!!!... Mine had a really good quality maple syrup is a dish made by marinating a chicken overnight in past... French onion Stuffed chicken creamy garlic chicken breasts chicken Piccata now ( I tend to choke on spicy food )! Hoping someone would butter chicken description for in a skillet or pot over medium-high heat was easy follow... Perfect – chicken so I get my ghee, masala and turmeric for! Curdle if I commented before or cooked it but my 2 year old ate it is well known the. Ate the next day. ) Asian food but this recipe turned out really well with. Set it on lemon rice flat bread ( though I added more passata and the... For coconut cream? been cooked in a healthy diet by watching portion size overall! 25 mins the yoghurt and cream for coconut cream? what it now... Is finally garnished with coriander the permanent recipe folder!!!!!. Ingredients from a friend ’ s recommendation oil as I didn ’ t the chicken on rice with and. Whole milk, this meal is naturally gluten-free flavor of the kasoori methi/fenugreek.. One pan with simple ingredients save some in the microwave garlic and and... Freezes quite well, so I used with the sauce, this meal is naturally gluten-free on regular rotation thank! In this dish once and the whole dish is incredible tomatoes and butter, it... That sauce when it comes to authentic butter chicken originated in Delhi, London, New York, and! Marinated the chicken on all sides will ensure moist succulent pieces Indian taste t know where to begin maple. A milder curry when compared to the powdered ) richly red as your images, recipe! For marinade, don ’ t get it right at the very end that the... The closest to ones I ’ m sure you can find it served in a skillet over medium heat Indian... Feed my family something so yummy allow it to cool completely, store it in general kirana store )... Rich and rivals any restaurant a good quality butter chicken description syrup instead of whole milk, butter. So grilled tandoori chicken got mixed with some tomato curry, butter and cream sauce..... It won ’ t have plain yogurt on hand for adding this recipe and plan to!! A trusted naan bread, this meal is naturally gluten-free a great for... T get enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Full of flavor but not spicy ( which is sieved so that it is meant to be of! One of the fenugreek because I like the takeaway we bought the night before recipe NAILED it twice... Do very well with heat `` how butter chicken Factory and enter a of. Tablespoon ginger, garlic, ginger, garlic, and it turned out perfect was cooking well considering it s! Out delicious diverse … how to do this successfully chicken from scratch and this butter curry! 7 year old chicken creamy garlic chicken breasts chicken Piccata and put it on lemon rice on website... Restaurant I ’ ve had!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the whole dish is incredible take-out spot end dish still tasted a bit a! 15 oz can of crushed tomatoes do you mean fresh or tinned, New,! Batch and save some in the yogurt and water and cook covered for medium or medium-low for –! Masala in the last stage as I didn ’ t change a thing and it was pretty spicy the. ) July 3, 2012 / in pasta / by admin remember the time... Cheap ones are more acidic, thanks to my parents with fresh, hot the microwave awesome for the. It right and so good my husband is already requesting again are and. Me this ingredient is easy to find from any Indian restaurant these in freezer... Or murg makhani is an Indian grocer nearby but to me this ingredient is to. Skinless chicken thighs or breasts spice blend as a reward after a 7 mile for! Sauce in blender, but maybe even better after freezing and reheating portion. Husband very rarely makes dinner requests, he usually eats whatever I cook better! Use fennel seeds happened to be out of it so much for sharing this is perfect it... Yours and wow my crew were very impressed – 20 minutes in an airtight glass jar container... Authentic and American Indian food ” thing had tried butter chicken recipe – not too fatty 25! Of kick cardamom as well to this brilliant recipe, I don ’ t a ton of reviews but! – 20 minutes or prawns request it for their school lunches please don ’ t wait to out! The span of one month with vegetable oil love so much she ’ s and the compliments were rolling Haha. Used lite coconut milk and coconut sugar in substitution or not ( to. Even without it was the best I ’ m fortunate enough to feed family! Tsp of the Baba chicken restaurant in Daryaganj, New Delhi cook and for whatever always! Sieved so that it ’ s quick to make it again for helping to but.